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Retro Consoles

For Those Who Love Retro Gaming!

For Those Who Love Retro Gaming!
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Do you remember playing MegaMan on the NES, Mario World on the SNES or Wonder Boy on the Master System? Does your old Genesis / Mega Drive still get regular playing whilst the Xbox is left to collect dust? Are you fans of Sonic and Mario and think that the Saturn was way better than the Playstation?

If so then this community is for you. There's only one rule here - you love the old games. None of this new stuff on the PS2 or Xbox, oh no! This is for the lovers of the NES, SNES (or Favicom), Genesis / Mega Drive, Dreamcast, N64, Saturn etc etc. This is for the simple side-scroller adventures and when 8 bit graphics were the big in thing! This is for the Speccies, the Commodorites and the Amstradians, we hold our Atari 2600's high with pride and nuts to anyone who says otherwise.

All I ask is no spam or selling. Please keep this a fan community where we can all share collections, opinions, views, reviews etc with fellow like-minded people.